A 4th semester classroom project done under the subject of Cognitive Ergonomics. Its focus was to understand the pattern of human interaction with a newly learned interface.
Duration: A lockdown week of May


This study examined cognitive capabilities to observe, understand and analyze how well the human brain is able to interact with a screen-based application. The paper consists of various subparts where the experiment, the cognitive tools used for the understanding and the observations, outcomes, insights and observations are mentioned. The experiment was done for a better understanding of the human cognition when it is exposed for learning a…

To the readers:

This is the culmination of the works, exploration and journey of two design students learning the field that is — “Graffiti” as part of our semester design project on visual design that was done spanning over the better half of the year 2019.

We have explored the street art and graffiti scene in Delhi, and have closely interacted and worked with artists from the NCT region. In the process we have a few murals and pieces to our name done across the city.


Delhi’s Graffiti Culture

During the initial phase of our exploration we came across many…

Ipshita singh

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